Downtown Living

What is so attractive about living downtown? For many, the incredible convenience of living in a walkable neighborhood. But that’s only the beginning. The views are spectacular. The green spaces, including riverfront trails, are plentiful. Theater, nightlife, great restaurants and exciting sporting events are all within easy walking distance. And the living spaces themselves, from spacious city homes and lofts to historic buildings and homes, are beautifully distinctive. All of this can come at an affordable and sustainable cost. 

Living Downtown is convenient, comfortable and exciting. Living Downtown means living in the center of it all.  Here are some reasons so many people, young and old are finding downtown living so appealing:

Save Money 

- Driving less saves gas = more money in your pocket

- Transportation is the second largest household expenditure

Save Time

- Drive less = more time

- Americans spend an average of 8 days a year driving to and from work.

Live Healthy

- Access to fresh produce and more walking is healthier living

- City dwellers on average weigh 6-8 pounds less than their suburban counterparts

Promote Your Community

- Shopping local helps those who help you...It’s a circle of life.

- When your local community prospers, your quality of life increases. 

Save money, Save Time, Live Healthy, Promote your community…Live Downtown!

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